Linn Park is the greatest place in Glasgow for children of all ages - from prams to those with bikes.

Play Areas

There are three play areas - two in the park, and one just outside it: 

  • Just near the entrance at the Seil Drive / Old Castle Road junction: The map is here:
    • Seil Drive Play AreaOne part designed for younger ones, and 
    • There used to be a rope climbing tree for older ones - but it was disabled.Seil Drive Climbing Ropes
  • Mansion_House_Play_AreaBehind the Mansion House - no swings, but tunnels, sand, and things to balance on.
  • Near Netherlee Primary School - take the White Cart Walkway southwards towards Stamperland, past the flats with galvanised iron posts and link fencing and up the first set of steps ... Netherlee Play Areaand you are just about there. 

There is also the Linn Park Adventure Playground which is open to the public at weekends.

Nearest Toilets [NOT public]

The nearest places with a toilet for children are:

  • The Linn Park Adventure Playground - on Netherlee Road, up the path from the White Bridge. It is open to the Public at the weekends ... 
  • The Old Smiddy public house in Old Castle Road - in dire emergencies ... also great for food - children allowed during the day.

Please note that neither of these are Public Conveniences.