The General Data Protection Regulations.

The Linn Park web site holds no infornation about anybody except for the Administrator, and then only the password and email address.

The web site is created using a tool known as Joomla. It is one of the most used tools in the world. The developers are all volunteers. Their statement is to be found here:

The web site is well indexed by Google. Their statement is to be found here:

All servers on the world wide web collect visitor information. That is the way that the server can "serve" a page that you can see in your browser - it has to know where to send the information. The information is collected by every server in the world. The information includes your IP Address, which may include your subnet address, and MAC address. The same is true of emails. Every server through which your message [whether email, text, or a web page] passes also collects the routing information - from whom to whom via whom.

Thus as we do not hold any data, there is no need for a specific privacy statement.

Enjoy the web site, and forget the bureaucracy !