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The Facebook Page has been running since the 29th August 2013.

9th November 2014 - The stables are back in use.

The Stables are occupied again: several ponies have taken up residence, and the riding school will start operations soon. More information soon.

There is someone on site 24/7 to care for the animals.

27th October 2014 - The river is full of salmon

The Linn Park facebook page is now linked in ... may that's a wrong expression - showing on the news page for starters.

And the reports are of the Salmon swimming ... We, the Gentlemen, are somewhat backward with modern technology: so if anyone wants to help with the Facebook side of things PLEASE get in touch.

27th August 2014 - The river is alive

Herons, and now a cormorant have been sighted.

And the weather has brought on a bumper crop of blackberries - or brambles if you will. WARNING: Well two really. First: when picking DONT PULL one off - it wont be quite ready, just wait till it falls into your hand as it were. Secondly - leave some for others to pick, and dont eat to many there and then - think of your tummy !

25th July 2014 - Print maps of the walks enabled

You may now print the maps of the walks we have listed. IF you use Google Chrome - PLEASE either Print or use the Cancel button: do not close the Tab using the "X" on the Tab as very strange things will happen ... see here.

Other news: whilst trying to photograph flies on the river - a brown trout was photographed instead eating flies ...

8th July 2014 - Red Kites, Ducklings, and Fish

In the top meadow three young kites were spotted. Amazing. On the way a fisherman reported having caught [and returned to the river] a large brown trout. His party confirmed that eels are common in the White Cart. Please email any photos using

29th June 2014 - Buzzards

Three young Buzzards were spotted looking for afternoon tea in the Top Meadow - anyone good with a camera - please send in a photo.

29th May 2014 - After the heavy rain, more ducklings

Please see the Wild Life, River Birds article for some photographs. Trying to take photographs when the ducklings blend into the back ground so well is difficult. Anyonme having any - please send them to us.

15th May 2014 - The Bluebells and Wild Garlic are out

The Bluebells are out!Bluebells in the Top Wood in May 2013
It's worth going down to the woods today to see the Bluebells which are carpeting the woodland floor. They are often set off by the white Wood Garlic which tends to grow at the bottom of the slopes with Bluebells in a blue haze stretching upwards.

Linn Park has both the native and Spanish ones which have escaped from cultivation. They are easy to tell apart with a bit of practice - see the Botany, Woodland Flowers article for more information.

1st May 2014 - Vote for Bees

Vote for the Bees. PlanBee would like to put beehives in Linn Park as there is major shortage of bees to take advantage of the wild flowers and ivy: but apparently its contrary to the rules of bio-diversity. There is nowhere on the web that supports this. Anyone finding a link, please contact us. Meanwhile  for the bees - click here

24th April 2014 - The first ducklings

The first ducklings were spotted on the river adjacent to the lower open area below the castle. A family of five ducklings and two anxious parents

23rd March 2013 Spring is here - The Toothwort is out

Just to prove that Spring has arrived, not only are some daffodils out, but the Toothwort is out in two places on the west side of the walk from White Bridge to the Snuffmill. So saith the Hatted Botanist and he should know.

7th March 2013 - Park Inspection walk

On Friday Thomas McMenamin [Assistant Parks Operations Manager (South)] was met at the Snuff Mill Bridge and taken on an enjoyable couple of hours walking up river on the eastern bank, and sticking as close as possible to the river. I had previously taken a Friend of Linn Park on the same walk ... its here:

The matters which we think need to addressed are:

  • Define what is "adequate fencing" by climbing over it: then one can see how safe it is.
  • The drainage problem caused by zero maintenance over last ten years alongside the fence.
  • Examine the slope by the Seil Drive play ground: the drainage problem caused by water flooding in from Linn View and Old Castle Road
  • Examine the appalling welding work to the failed gate post [gate now safely removed]
  • Walk the new fence - see the drainage problem caused by toe wire
  • Climb new fence: one can see how UNSAFE it is. NOTE: Access from the river side is possible at low flows and across fallen trees.
  • Walk along old path above the "fishermen's beach" - no need for a fence and path NOT flooded
  • Check the welds and setting out of the fence - posts are not driven in far enough, and are too far apart
  • Examination of new alignment and ground damage caused - the newly created path is wrecked and unusable
  • Proceed on east bank from white bridge going upstream and then up to crematorium lands - safe and easy to use path without any fence. 
  • Cross over mown meadow and see damage caused by years of over mowing. 
  • View the Millenium wood and down "children's path" or remains thereof noting carvings etc.
  • Up into the Top Wood - once the main route from Netherlee to Castlemilk - see the old telegraph pole at the corner. [Missed it - too much chatter !]
    • At the corner, note the improvement to the path to Drakemire Drive. PROBLEM: There is no water shedding mechanism where the slope increases, and due to the SLOPE the water is already washing out the surface and indeed the subsurface. The historic method used in Linn Park over the last century is a row of cobbles at an angle to shed water to the side and off the path BEFORE it picks up an eroding speed.
  • Walk across the old path and up though the thin wood to the top.
  • Turn left and down to the Pins Wood: NOTE Tree across the middle path needs to be cut up to allow passage not using the mud route.
  • Up to the Golf Club, and along the top path. Tree across the path.
  • Up to Court Knowe for the views.

Noted that some cleaning work has started.

Linn Park gets a Green Flag - December 2013

There are two new flag poles - one at the White Bridge, and one at the Golf Course building - quite what for we are not sure ...

  • The White Cart walkway is just about passable if you clamber over the fallen trees ...
  • The entrance gate at Seil Drive has failed again and is being held up the adjacent fence twisting ... basically the poor welding done the last time has given up. 
  • The "new" fence is unstable: PLEASE do NOT try climbing over it. The welding is very poor ...
  • Puddles - well of course many of the paths haven't been cleared for years ...

What a nonsense .....

The salmon are still leaping

Wednesday 23rd October - around 5pm: Presumably because the very low rainfall in October, followed last  week by a decent amount of rain the flow over the water fall has increased a lot, and there are fish still waiting to jump. Far right of picture - a salmon jumping Within the space of twenty minutes a group of us counted seven jumps. and on the 25th ...

The salmon are leaping

Sunday 6th October 2013 - around 6pm: The first salmon have been reported, and one of the members of the Linn Park Gentlemen's Walking Club has seen more.

As well as four young men attempting to catch them whilst standing on top of the waterfall. We reckon that the young fishermen are no danger to the salmon who give up feeding when they leave the sea and head up river to spawn ...

Links to this Site [Updated August 2016]

Glasgow City Council have kindly linked their Parks Information pages to include this web site.

This is much appreciated ..... Thank you.

[There used to be two links, but as of 2016 these have disappeared - so have been removed - 22/08/2016]

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Missing lady found 

The lady who went missing on Sunday 28th July was found on Sunday 4th August behind eight foot high green fence.

Had it not been there she might well have been found - possibly alive - EIGHT days previously on the day she went missing.

The professional engineers who run this web site, all with considerable knowledge of health and safety matters, consider this fence not only wholly unnecessary, but posing a danger: ingress is easy - egress is difficult, and of the "dangers", being three rock falls, one is not identified on the ground. It remains a serious and dangerous threat until removed.

News Letter

The "Friends of Glasgow Parks" Newsletter No 6 is now available on line from Glasgow City Council.

Other News

Linn Park is now twinned with the Caribbean. Please see page 6 of the above news letter. Thanks go to Councillor Archie Graham - pictured. Hint for the local schools ... maybe ???? The White Cart used to be the hub of early industrial Glasgow with weirs [the remains of which can still be seen] powering the Snuff Mill; higher up the Rope Works [at Millholm Road], at the White Cart Waterfall where at low flows the entrance and exit adits can be seen, and then towards Stamperland, the highest weir for the old printing, paper and dye works.

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