On Friday 10th June 2011, I was fortunate enough to meet a tourist holding a copy of this rare leaflet. The Cathcart Heritage Trail leaflet was published by Glasgow District Council circa 1990. Robert Paterson, a Canadian citizen whose family roots are in Glasgow, was over to see those roots. He was kind enough to lend it to me, so I rushed home and scanned it. This fortunate meeting was of course followed by a pint in the Old Smiddy ! 

The Cathcart Heritage Trail covers the following items of interest:

  1. Couper Institute, 84-86 Clarkston Road 
  2. Cathcart South Church, 90-92 Clarkston Road 
  3. Site of Thornbank House 
  4. New Cathcart Church, 212-214 Newlands Road 
  5. The Holm Foundary, 147-149 Newlands Road 
  6. Site of the Geddes Carpet @ Dye Works 
  7. Holmlea Public School, 352-362 Holmlea Road 
  8. Cathcart New Bridge, Holmlea Road/ Clarkston Road 
  9. Cathcart Circle, Cathcart Station 
  10. Edith Cottage (demolished) 
  11. Site of the Parish Manse (demolished) 
  12. Site of the Parish School (demolished) 
  13. Old Cathcart Parish Church Tower, 118 Carmunnock Road 
  14. Old Cathcart Graveyard, 118 Carmunnock Road 
  15. Cathcart Village Smiddy, 123-131 Old Castle Road 
  16. Castle Mains Farm, 123-131 Old Castle Road 
  17. Court Knowe 
  18. Site of Cathcart Castle 
  19. Site of Millholm Paper Mill 
  20. ‘Holmwood’ 63 Netherlee Road 
  21. Linn House, 20 Linn Park 
  22. The ‘Halfpenny’ Bridge, Linn Park 
  23. Site of Cathcart House (demolished) 
  24. The Netherlee Road Bridge 
  25. The Snuff Mill and Mill House 
  26. Lindsay House 
  27. Site of Granny Robertson’s 
  28. Holmhead House, 7 Rhannan Terrace 
  29. Garden Suburb

Oval Bronze Plaques can be found at 1, 2, 4, 13, 25 and 26. View the original leaflet.